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"Everyone will be world famous for 15-minutes" - Andy Warhol

My question to you is... what will you do with yours? 


THE HARD TRUTH: Thanks to the age of the internet, we live in a world where everyone will become famous sooner than later. If you're not one of the 4 billion people posting on social media already, maybe one day, it'll someone else be posting about you... without your permission.

Celebrities and Public Figures may have more visibility, but you're just as good as they are. I learned this firsthand while jet-setting around the world for 15 years helping them inspire millions and make millions as a Global Talent Scout and Producer. The biggest difference between them and you is that they always have someone behind the scenes guiding them to the top, as no one gets there alone. And they have access to Hollywood insider secrets that give them the edge, so it's my legacy to disrupt the industry and share these secrets with you so that you have a fair chance of reaching all of your dreams too. 

But wait... there's more.


The absolute #1 biggest secret of all the reveals the roadmap to achieving ultimate Impact, Wealth, Authority, and Fulfillment is NOT found in Hollywood. Reflecting back on the one year of meditation in silence that I did to find my own purpose, I promise you the answers that we all need require something much deeper and spiritual than applause, bright lights, and accolades.

That's why at Purposely Famous, we're all about making fame popular for a "GOOD" purpose. Our mission is to democratize fame and make it accessible to the masses.  The world is waiting for the next generation of ordinary people with extraordinary visions to take the lead and truly leave a legacy that changes humanity for the better.

Whether you're here...


  • To share your story, message, or legacy

  • To fight for equality, justice, and diversity

  • To introduce a new paradigm that shifts our way of thinking

  • To become a better leader in your own business, at your job, or in school

  • Or you simply want to make one more person smile today

I've been the right-hand person to many influential people that makes there biggest dreams a reality, and if you're ready to have me, I’d love to be that behind-the-scenes person for you too!


Community  - Coaching and Consulting - Online courses - Books - Products with a Purpose - Live Events & Workshops 

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Spirituality & Meditation

Lifestyle & Community

Launch your Business

Scale your Business


  • Black community, COVID Healthcare workers, Minorities

  • LGBTQ - Especially Gay men

  • LatinX - Spanish speakers

  • Adoptees, Adoptee Families and Friends, Celebrities that adopted children

  • Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Activists, Leaders​​ 

  • Local Businesses and Causes in Tulsa

  • Industry Insiders: Artist managers, Talent agents, Publicists, Producers, Tour managers, etc.

  • Influencers: A, B, C, D level Celebs and Public Figures


  • Empowerment, Confidence, Reach your fullest potential, Be happy

  • Get paid for your purpose

  • Become an Influencer, Thought Leader, Public Figure

  • Become known for something meaningful

  • Get millions of followers, speak on the main TED Stage, write a NYT Bestselling book, be seen in Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag, Huffington Post, Good Morning America talk show, Ellen, Oprah Soul Sunday




  • "I need expert advice on how to:

    • Let go of fear​

    • Build confidence

    • How to launch a business

    • How to scale a business

    • How to build influence

  • "I want to connect with amazing celebs & public figures too!"​

Online platform for the masses that connects ordinary people with the best quality advice on business, lifestyle, and spirituality from influencers, leaders, visionaries, thought leaders, industry experts

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 2.17.32 PM.png

"I am Purposely Famous to inspire the world"


  • "I don't know what I want to do"

  • "I don't have enough free time"

  • "I don't want to take shit from other people"

  • "I don't have enough money"

Online course and Live events, Community building: 

Purpose * Authenticity * Vulnerability * Depth and Connection * Money Mindset: Wealthy from the inside out * Partnership and Collaboration: No one changes the world alone * Different is the new normal: Diversity and Inclusion  * Start with a beginner's mind: Continual growth and education without ego *How to build influence and network

​BUSINESS: Launch and Scale a Purposeful Business​ 

  • "I want to reach my fullest potential"

  • "I'm almost ready to be famous... almost"

  • "I want to get media ready and groomed"

  • "I need more visibility"

  • "I want to figure out how to be seen"

  • "How do I connect with the right people?"

Online course & Mastermind (Invite Industry Insiders: Artist managers, Talent agents, Publicists, Producers, Tour managers, etc. to coach/guide them)

  • Clarify your purpose, story, and thought leadership messaging and branding

  • Building a following

  • Get high-ticket and/or low-ticket sales 

  • Freedom: Automate your business

  • Achieve your dream lifestyle

  • Feel inspired to give back to others in a bigger way

  • Local to National to Global Media: Sell bestselling books, get featured in mainstream media (Podcast and Radio tour, NYT, TED talks, Oprah Soul Sunday, Forbes, Good morning America, etc.)

​SPIRITUALITY & MEDITATION: Purposely Peaceful / Meditation & Margaritas

  • " I want to trust in myself again"

  • "I'm too stressed and not present"

  • "I'm too reactive"

  • "I want to speak my truth, what's holding me back?"

We're busy, life is chaotic, and we rarely sit with with our eyes closed. This is a practical meditation method based off my year in silence that helps you become more powerful when you're not meditating

Matt has 50 millions views and arranges in-person dancing  with people around the world, also featured in a commercial for Visa and Apple paid him to do a project with them (the part where he's flying in space). Now he travels the world dancing with the locals:

I'd love to follow Matt's business model and promote my meditation videos to do the following:

- build a big social media following

- then give people an online course to learn my meditation technique 

- Meet in person to do a meditation "flash mob" in different cities and public places

- We can upgrade all to the Adopt a Bright Future, Lifestyle, or Purposely Famous course if they want it

- If we're making enough money from the other revenue streams, we'll grow a social media following faster if this is all free and get more sponsorships faster


  • "I feel like no one gets me"

  • "I want to share my story with the world

  • "I am better than what I'm doing now"

  • "I am worth having everything I want in life"

  • "I want to feel powerful and loved"

  • Our mission is to help anyone overcome abandonment issues and love themselves fully 

  • 100 million families are connected to adoption globally, 500+ Celebrities have adopting in their families and usually gotten negative press about it, we can help them look better to the media and public

  • Our content is positive and uplifting, whereas most support for adoptees is victim-based and dwells on our problemsWe'll come together and reinforce positive mindsets but also talk about tough adoption issues and invite others overcome any abandonment issue too

  • For social media:

    • Think Humans of New York meets Etsy:  Share Purposely Famous stories of people in our community and sell purposeful products made by purposeful people, influencer collabs can help the following grow quickly

  • Documentary:

    • I’d love to get Netflix, Apple, or Amazon to sponsor a Purposely Famous documentary where we travel around the world talking to ordinary people to celebrities who share their life story and philosophies. Think The Secret meets The Human Experience

  • Major motion picture:

    • The BIGGEST dream… publish my memoir to create a movie based on my life as an adoptee, barely surviving in war torn places in Africa, then partying and working with celebrities in Latin America, doing the meditation in silence in Myanmar, to coming full circle to believe in myself. Think Eat, Pray, Love with a little Sex and the City meets The Devil Wears Prada with a Latin America vibe with a lot of hot gay men running the show (as it was like that!)


  • "Famous" is a controversial word and searched for online a lot... a lot of people want it but only admit it to me privately, or they're totally against it... but being Famous for a good purpose is good, especially if you have a positive message or want to correct injustices in the world. I believe in this enough to face the haters and criticism

  • "Is it wrong to want to become Famous?" - I wonder something like this could be a good angle, based off a successful angle in the past that was "Do people love their cats too much?" and since most of us know someone who does... it got people talking nationwide about this, then companies sold tons of products for cats after the PR push. Celebs and new influencers like it because it gives them a good name, people in the middle feel validated, and forgotten people finally feel remembered.

  • I'd love to focus on sharing about the Year of Meditation in Silence, most people want my help equally because of this along with the celebrities that I've worked with, but not sure how to adapt that to the current changes in society

  • Examples of what's possible: These 2 people didn't have any PR experience but got articles written in Forbes about them pretty using DYI PR strategies, then they leveraged that into a lot of bigger opportunities:

  • I'd like to give away 51% of ALL of my profit to set an example that you can give more than you can take/make​, I need more time to figure out how to do this properly though. A good example of a similar newsworthy example is from Dan Price, who set everyone's salary at his company at $70,000... even his as the CEO.

PR Angles?

  • Abandoned the day after I was born in South Korea

  • Adopted and raised in the Pacific Northwest in a family with 5 different nationalities: Holland, Vietnam, Canada, Korea, USA

  • USA: Bullied often, I grew up with no confidence, money, or friends but ended up jet setting around the world with celebrities and public figures as a talent agent and producer

  • Africa:  Survived the US Embassy bombing in Nairobi in 1998 then went to Sudan during the civil war to help their villages

  • Latin America: It was a very Sex and the City / Devil Wears Prada fast-paced vibe with unlimited luxury

  • Asia - Myanmar: Did one year of meditation in silence in Myanmar while their military regime was still in power

  • Asia - Korea: I was reunited with my birth family in Korea but my birth parents and 3 birth sister mysteriously died

Karin Roest is adopted from South Korea and raised in the Pacific Northwest with five adopted siblings in a family with five different nationalities. After high school and during college, Karin let her curiosity take her globetrotting around the world for the next 20 years.


Courageously confronting the unknown, from sneaking in and out of war zones to rebuild African communities to unraveling five mysterious deaths in her birth family, and meditating for one year in silence in Myanmar (Burma), Karin shares her lifelong map of her past that have paved the way for the future and her discovery of the true meaning of solitude, freedom, and love.


Karin received her master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University which compliments her career as a producer and celebrity talent scout for Grammy award winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, TED talk speakers, New York Times Best Selling authors, and renowned philanthropists.


Applying the same strategies and mindsets that contribute to their success to herself and her clients, she helps big thinkers and thought leaders transform their boldest thoughts into legacies that change the world.


What exact titles  and roles did you have while celebrities before changing to help people from all backgrounds?

I’ve worked behind the scenes as a producer, talent agent, booking agent, celebrity scout, promoter and any other role as needed that would help get the job done right. 

My work was either alone or with a stellar A-LIST team of managers, publicists, production crews, Fortune 500 executives in which we worked our rear ends off(!) to brand, market, and get the talent to the big stage.

Many people on these A-LIST teams and celebrities themselves have become authentic friends, others business partners, and some would not remember who I am because I was the “behind-the-scenes” girl working with their manager, agents, publicists, and crew making sure everything is executed properly. 

What celebrities have you helped develop their careers and how does this relate to how you'll help me?

As all people who work with celebrities and high-end clientele, we’re under strict confidentiality contracts to protect their identity… that’s why they pay us the big bucks:) Anyone in the industry knows that it’s like sudden death to your career as well as to your friendships if this confidentiality is broken. I joked once about writing a book about all the crazy stuff I had seen behind-the-scenes, and my colleagues didn’t talk to me for a week! It’s a very sensitive subject ☺


However, I’ll name as many names as I can or share case studies about their trajectories so you see how we can apply the same strategies for you. 

The range of earnings from the public figures I’ve worked with: $5,000 usd to $500,000 per 40-minute speech, average 2-hour live performance fees paid were $10,000 usd to $1 million usd or more, or I’ve secured media and publicity opportunities with a reach of multi-millions of people worldwide only from interview in the mainstream media.

I recently rebranded a company up to par with the same caliber of global forward-thinking brands such as Apple, Zappos, and Airbnb. It was a rigorous process to package their vision with scalable revenue streams but we succeeded and the company was ecstatic with the results.

I helped secure $5 million USD+ in investments and sponsorships for festivals and concerts.

Can you earn this much someday and get this much exposure? Anything is possible. Most people do not get to this level of income or impact, but I would love to see more people achieve that because I believe they can if they have the right guidance; that is exactly  why I do this type of work.

Can you name at least a few public figures or entities you’ve worked with in the past? 

CAA and William Morris Endeavor who represent the world’s top tier A-LIST actors, musicians, authors, and more.


I often hire copywriters from top advertising agencies like J. Walter Thompson, one of the world’s leading advertising agencies, so select clients can have the same caliber of branding and marketing jargon.

My network includes industry mavens who have helped no name authors become New York Times Best Sellers, to producing and marketing major world events such as the Olympics, Fifa World Cup, Rolling Stones to Beyonce concerts, to TED events and media experts connected to the New York Times, to the Ellen Show, or other primetime media outlets.


I have a number of behind-the-scenes friends who have directly helped numerous people reach the New York Times Bestseller lists and achieve other globally recognized awards or notable positions. We share information privately to help everyday people rise to the same levels and save time and money along the way.


I’ve produced live events globally with artists such as Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Pitbull, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, David Guetta, Tiesto, and many more.


For public figures, please note the list of categories again - Grammar Award winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, highly paid TED talk speakers, New York Times Best Selling authors, renowned philanthropists, the world’s top ranked electronic music DJs, Cirque Du Soleil performers - as I legally can not mention specific names. Neither one person nor I should take credit for making a Thought Leader famous (it takes an army) so I don’t want to give that impression that I did.


I interned at the United Nations in college and have since partnered with various global philanthropic entities over the years. I’ve worked with philanthropists who get paid on average $50,000 usd for one 40-minute speech.


I worked at AM ONLY, representing North America’s biggest electronic roster organizing David Guetta and Tiesto’s tours, and the Lavin Agency speaker’s bureau but was fired from both. After running my own successful projects for many years, it was a blessing in disguise as I learned there is an organized system to make people famous. I respect both of these companies but I wasn’t into their vibe or being part of that system.

What's the difference with what you do now as a Thought Leadership Strategist and Coach and your work before in the celebrity world?

My focus now is helping people from any background or social status who is committed to make a bigger impact and enough money to do so.

I’ve officially worked as a Thought Leadership Strategist for non-celebrities and private clients since 2013. Some of the results I’ve helped them achieve include:


A client made $8,000 in the first 2 days and $80,000 usd within two weeks of joining one of my group programs, based on only two signature templates I provided. I’ve made $20,000 usd in one hour from one prospect with the same template consistently as well and closed $100,000 paychecks from the same as well.

A client doubled his income based off of one profound yet controversial idea that the press loved. Now the media is coming to him, including major TV networks such as the Today Show and Good Morning America, and a documentary is in the works.

Combining the best business practices from the multi-billion dollar coaching and celebrity industries, I streamlined the best practices because you need the best of both worlds, this has worked for myself and to help you get results the fastest and with purpose.


Over the years, I’ve also worked with a lot of “grumpy thought leaders” aka people who get famous too fast. When you’re in the big matrix of celebrity-hood, this is common. So I’ve made it a personal agenda to run my business with integrity and help others keep the same high standard. There’s no point in changing the world if you can’t be an upright person yourself. With my own business, I can make this a priority.

Can you share more about the type of work you did daily in the celebrity word?

I've traveled to 40 countries but been based mostly in Asia and Latin America booking tours and producing tours since the year 1999. Big investors and sponsors had multi-million dollar budgets but no experience with Western talent, so asked me to find top Western talent for concerts and festivals. I booked the talent at Hollyword powerhouse companies such as UTA, WME, CAA, The Agency Group to negotiate fees and contracts, often setting up binders in escrow to make sure the artist would get paid, then worked with Management and the Artist's Publicists and in-house team for promotion, marketing plans, execution, etc.


At the events, I was in charge of executing on every detail in the contracts, from the merchandise sales, to guest lists, visas for the artists, flights, catering and backstage hospitality, accounting for the local promoter and taking care of the artist and their egos, :) ground transportation, media interviews, meet & greets, soundcheck, sound and lighting, staging, security, coordinating arrival and departure times, load in and load out, meanwhile keeping the artist, their entourage and friends, dancers, and production crew happy.


The biggest stand alone event was Britney Spears back in 2002, doing hospitality with her main Tour Manager for her and her A-Team + her crew of 100 that flew in just for these events and the local tech team in Mexico City of 100 people for 2 shows of 50,000 people each. Those were the biggest shows in the entire world from any artist that year.


For tours... I directly did David Guetta and Tiesto's tours with AM Only (now Paradigm). They have smaller crew but many, many back to back dates year round. I've done hundreds of DJ bookings and tours in Asia and Latin America since 2000 every weekend for years + 5-star hospitality for all.


In Asia, I did the Pussycat Dolls tour when they were the biggest girl band worldwide in 2009, then soon after Pitbull, Spandau Ballet, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in Hong Kong, The Rolling Stones in Abu Dhabi and Christina Aguilera but more on the production side for her in Malaysia and Curacao.


The Cirque Du Soleil shows in Asia where a dream but with 30-100 performers each gig, these were WAY more demanding than pop artists as their set up is super complex and dangerous if not set up properly.

People worldwide hired me because I know how to a Western artist needs to be treated in foreign countries so they walk away saying it's their best gig ever, even if uncontrollable chaos erupts behind the scenes. 


Too often you'll travel overseas and the local promoters won't have things organized, the catering they promised isn't there, neither is the technical set up, or they just don't have the intuition to get a drink in your hand when you want it or take you to the best places in the city for sightseeing.


That is why I know EXACTLY what needs to be communicated in advance to anyone on the other side as I've been in there shoes myself.

I was a talent agent at the speakers bureau called the Lavin Agency, known for booking visionaries and thought leaders such as Nobel Peace Prize Winners and highly paid TED talk speakers.  As wonderful as these people are, this was were I really saw that fame is a system and I felt like I was part of a system that created famous people but I didn't get to see or be part of the heart-centered part of it.

This was all a lot of work to do that pushed me beyond my comfort zone every day, especially being young and naive straight out of innocent Idaho. So that's why the year of meditation in silence helped so much to find my balance and purpose, I wouldn't be who I am today without going that deep and drastic.


This is why I encourage you to do the unordinary and go beyond what you think your limits are, because on the other side is the best version of yourself too.

Why don’t you, Karin Roest, have a big social media following and how can you help people make a bigger impact when you haven’t publicly made one yourself?

I’ve always been the behind-the-scenes-girl, doing what I love, making a generous enough income to travel the world, spend what I want and where I want. Only recently have I chosen to launch what I do publicly because I have a dream to help as many people possible…because no one can do that alone. 

I share the techniques I’ve used with clients so they get similar results which do not require a big online presence in the beginning by choice (thank goodness, right?). And social media is only one strategy of many that can help you make a big impact. You’ll learn more about how you can choose to stay behind the scenes, a minimalist, or philanthropist if you work with me.

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