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Reflections from One Year in Silence

From Orphan to Celebrity Talent Scout to Buddhist Nun to becoming...


Hi, I'm
Karin Whang

I believe you are born with a purpose that can change the world. And that you’re way more powerful than you think.

In fact, I know this is true firsthand.


For the last 20 years, I’ve jet-set around the globe with celebrities and public figures as a talent agent and producer, working and partying non-stop along the way.

Even though I grew up in a small town with no confidence, money, or influence, my life has been a whirlwind of bright lights, amped microphones, and parties in exotic places.

But something was always missing. I knew in my heart I had to find my true purpose.

So, I quit modern life and entered a Buddhist convent in Asia to seek my calling. I didn’t talk, read, or write for one year. I hated myself for the first 6 months… then the last 6 months flew by peacefully even though nothing in my environment changed.


The power of the mind was revealed to me in ways I can’t describe. There are no words. But I saw that problems don’t exist only in the outside world… and that solutions begin when we fix our inner world too.

Now merging the best of both worlds - Business & Spiritual, I know that you’re just as good as anyone else out there. And that you have a story, message, and purpose that can change the world.


Today I help ordinary people reach their extraordinary dreams. Only when each and every part of you is in full alignment with your soul, are you fully enabled to make the most powerful contribution to the world; as well as lead a beautiful life, maintain a sustainable income, and find happiness.


The World is waiting. And with all of us leading, it is a beautiful one indeed.

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