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Karin Roest is adopted from South Korea and raised in the Pacific Northwest with five adopted siblings in a family with five different nationalities. After high school and during college, Karin let her curiosity take her globetrotting around the world for the next 20 years.


Courageously confronting the unknown, from sneaking in and out of war zones to rebuild African communities to unraveling five mysterious deaths in her birth family, and meditating for one year in silence in Myanmar (Burma), Karin shares her lifelong map of her past that have paved the way for the future and her discovery of the true meaning of solitude, freedom, and love.


Karin received her master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University which compliments her career as a producer and celebrity talent scout for Grammy award winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, TED talk speakers, New York Times Best Selling authors, and renowned philanthropists.


Applying the same strategies and mindsets that contribute to their success to herself and her clients, she helps big thinkers and thought leaders transform their boldest thoughts into legacies that change the world.

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