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“Mindfulness & Meditation classes for Corporations & Non-Profits”




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Studies show that unhappiness in the office is at a staggering all-time high, with more people than ever feeling emotionally detached from work, stressed on a daily basis,  worried, sad, angry, or apathetic.


However, the great workplaces that provide support for their employees to thrive in the office so that they’re motivated and equipped to improve efficiency and productivity are reaping massive rewards in their profitability and retention rates. Each and every employee must have a good work ethic and attitude to keep the company functioning at its peak or else the whole organization suffers. 


That’s why we’re excited to help you implement simple yet practical mindfulness and meditation in your office. Karin Whang’s uniquely developed techniques based on her year of meditation in silence provide  proven ways to increase your success. Your company may benefit in the same ways the companies we’ve helped have reported:

90% of employees experience reduced stress


85% Increased self-improvement


85% Sharper business acuity and better decision-making


85% Increased productivity and efficiency


84% Increase in job satisfaction


79% Improved relationships with colleagues


70% Renewed creativity, empathy, and leadership skills

Employees are critical to an organization’s productivity, profitability, and ultimately, success… and results from meditation can occur in as little as 10-minutes. Employee performance is something every organization needs to care a lot about – and that’s why we care so much about yours. 

We’d love to learn more about your specific needs, so please complete this application to book a virtual Mindfulness & Meditation class for your organization and we hope to work with you soon!

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