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Anyone else out there tired of the spammy, gimmicky FB ads and gurus offering a 1-fix all solution or quick fix?

  • “Get 10 clients in 1 week” but that only works for a few people that already good at marketing

  • “Get media exposure in 5 minutes” hmmm, you can write a pitch in 5 minutes, but the entire media booking process always takes weeks or months

  • “This sales funnel is all you need to make millions!” In your dreams, right? What about also having the write wording that resonates with your audience, mastering the tech set up, and knowing how to do high ticket sales?

  • “....

Even though I’ve been a Talent Manager, Agent, Producer for Grammy award winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, TED talk speakers, Tik Tokers/Instagrammers/Youtubers, New York Times Best Selling authors, and renowned philanthropists for 15 years…


AND shaved my head and meditated for one year in silence without talking, reading, and writing to find my own purpose…


I’ll humbly say I’m an expert in pretty much all of the areas that help experts inspire millions and make millions now as a thought leadership strategist but, I’ll also be the first to say that I DON’T FREAKIN’ KNOW IT ALL.


And I’m tired of feeling like I should, and wouldn’t it be nice to take that pressure off you too? (Collective sigh of relief!)


This is why it’s been a dream for years to share with ALL purposeful people everything I know about advertising, marketing, sales, building offers, scaling offers, all of the strategies, tactics, copywriting, upsells, downsells, back end, joint venture promos, psychology, gender psychology, market ratios, formulas etc…(etc, meaning there is a whole lot I didn't mention, because there is so much).


But at the same time create a community of people who take turns learning, teaching, and masterminding with each other.


Because even though I’m the creator of Purposely Famous, why are up and coming thought leaders constantly looking to the already famous people instead of relying on experts that are just really good at what they do but not in the spotlight… yet?


If we take away the famous person from the equation but keep an amazing group of fans together, guess what…


The amazing group of fans are the stars, ta dah!


And we can add back in the famous person or create some new ones as the community grows, which is pretty cool too.


This is truly how building an impactful following is done and should be treated!


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One of the first steps in creating a purposeful business is to create your die hard “Super Fans.” All the quick fix templates, plug and play worksheets, etc. can’t create this for you. You need to create real rapport with your ideal audience offline before you can build a massive one online on social media.


And you’ll want to build an audience who loves who you are, how you make them feel or how you help them so that when you do make an offer for them to buy something, it’s a no brainer to purchase anything you sell as the rapport was created already.




It’s silly to reinvent the wheel and try and build a purpose-driven business on your own. By purpose-driven I mean a business where your story, life lessons, skills, or gifts impact other people’s lives, which means creating revenue streams such as coaching, workshops, trainings, online courses, writing books, speeches, getting media exposure, etc.


There is so much access to content that fast tracks  your success and profits, however… there’s just way too much garbage or confusing information out there too.


Sometimes it seems impossible to know what to do every day or week or month, or who has the best information to follow.


But i think the best leaders will stop pretending that they know it all, and that they know 1 quick fix that will work for every single person that comes to them.


True leadership is sharing your expertise but also knowing to pivot when something you share isn’t working for someone and also seek to learn from your own community as they always have something to offer too.



It’s not cool to help others just to become famous, but if you’re authentic and good at helping people… It’s totally ok to become famous one day for this. But the roadmap on how to break beyond your niche or industry into the most influential spheres are still shrouded with mystery… until now. As an industry person who’s job is to make people famous, my colleagues and I are trained to stay out of the spotlight, but 


Thought Leadership Messaging
(Based on what you REALLY want to be known for)

Develop a REAL connection with your audience
(Without templates, short cuts, quick fixes, plug and play forms)

Apply that real connection to one Signature System that's disbursed to all of your revenue streams
(Coaching - Workshops - Trainings - Online Courses - Books - Speeches - Digital products - Physical Products)

Do-It-Yourself A-List Networking & Media strategies
(That help you take charge to create exposure and influence)



  • My network: Industry experts - REAL Talent managers, agents, celebrity publicists, marketing executives that make the biggest stars in the world

  • Trainings from members within our community

  • A platform to invite your audience into PLUS opportunities for us to host your community fo ryou

  • Save money on paying monthly expenses for hosting software, payment platforms, etc. PLUS we’ll do t he work for you

  • I actually encourage you to keep working with other coaches or take other programs as we all really need absorb the best info but also carve our own paths, along with my guidance



  • Confidence building workshops

  • Money mindset challenges

  • Self-Improvement exercises



  • Clarify your boldest thoughts that establishes your authority

  • Create Authority Statements

  • Professional bio


  • Authority messaging

  • Create Authority Statements

  • Professional bio



  • Authority messaging

  • Create Authority Statements

  • Professional bio


  • Create one aligned product suite that's aligned with your soul and goals:

    • Memberships​

    • Tiny Trainings

    • Online courses

    • Books

    • Speeches

    • Coaching

    • Digital products

    • Physical productS


  • ​Charge affordable, no brainer prices full of so much value that your ideal audience can't refuse



  • Authority messaging

  • Create Authority Statements

  • Professional bio


  • ​Launch your membership offer
  • Tech setup options
  • Free marketing stratgies


SCALE (Starts in 2023)

  • Facebook ads trainings

  • Niche targeting

  • Retargeting strategies


  • Learn how to scout and find countless bookings to get more media exposure

  • Create a pitch that gets attention from the interviewers



I see a lot of experts and really talented people live in a constat learning mode. Absorbing content and more content, trying to figure it all out…


But if you’re still with me, I’m pretty sure you’re ready to step out to be a leader NOW.


And you always need a braintrust of like-minded people around you to support you when you do step up (most gurus forget to tell you this because they’re too busy being the one know-it-all star for you or scared that you’ll follow someone else instead of them… aka that’s projecting their fears on to you)


And you need at least one main “Talent Manager/Coach” like person to know the ins and outs of your purpose, goals, your content, products, and plans to keep you on track or veer you away from doing things that waste your time or money…


Because no one “at the top” in the most influential circles in the world has gotten “there” alone.


The thing is… every high profile celebrity influencer has someone behind the scenes in their corner, like a Talent Manager that has their back. 


But those TMs won’t give you the time of day unless you’re famous already. I know, the “chickan and the egg” game with them is just as frustrating.

There will always be people who scale at building successful businesses quickly…


often because they have and “in” maybe they’re from an influential family, they have access to money or connections, or they’ve worked in marketing before or naturally good at it.


But what about the rest of us who have to have to fight tooth and nail to get ahead, doing this all on our own?


Especially those of us who get frustrated at the long process because we know we’re better than what we’re doing now, you’re not anywhere near reaching your fullest potential, and you don’t want to die with the music still in you.


It takes most people a long time to inspire millions with their story, message, or purpose (those free or cheap templates won’t work without having a strong foundation in place), so how about coming together to collectively inspire millions while I also teach you how to do this on your own?


but as I show you how to do that with your own audience, how about if we’re also Super Fans of each other?


Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.24.20 PM.png



  • 2 zoom training calls per week

  • Minimum 4 hours of group sessions per week 

  • Hot Seat Coaching =  Q & A Ask me anything session… about my courses, networking, getting new clients, marketing, networking, spiritual or woo-woo unexpected issues, etc… nothing is off limits 

  • Purposely Profound weekly session: Deep learning and round table discussions that challenge your thinking, expectations, and limits so your blindspots are removed and allow space for you to have your next breakthrough 

  • Online community where we’ll have chats and stay in touch between calls

  • I’ll be the main trainer / coach, and I’ll add extraordinary people from my personal network that will be priceless to know and learn from

  • You’ll have access to ALL of my online courses & can ask any questions about them in the coaching sessions

  • But when it comes to our deep weekly sessions… There are NO step-by-step teachings, follow this formula, do this or that, etc… because your roadmap is already accessible my courses and now it’s time to BREAK THE RULES. I’ll empower you to carve your own path, challenge you to push your limits to do something that’s never been done before (or else you’ll be just like everyone else, and that never works!)

Total Value: $999.00

Copy that encourages people to buy your offer

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  • Coaching Fee + Revenue Share

    • Coaching fee: Enough to make working on your biz a priority but not too expensive that you can’t pay your bills, and don’t feel bad if you need to take a break then come back later

  • This is 100% your effort + 20-30% my efforts that will make that 100% get an ROI.

  • I’m not going to make you famous… You’re going to make yourself famous with my guidance as your right hand person by your side is the catalyst that can make it happen

    • I’ll show you how to be a master networker with anyone

    • Strategies to close deals

  • Run like a proper business… shared expense budget

  • We have a certain set up and framework, but if you/we’d like to invest more to build it out differently… we’ll discuss the budget and see what makes the most sense

  • We take a % of all revenue streams that we set up for you

  • Goals: $99 x 1,000 members

  • We own all assets created until we reach $100,000 usd in revenue, then we can negotiate the terms, revenue share %’s, etc.

    • After working together to achieve making $100,000 in revenue, we’ll have a good idea of how well we work together or not

    • Depending on the customized plan for your business, your products, the estimates to scale



How much time does it take each week to see results? 

You can start seeing results in less than a few hours a week, but like anything, the more time and effort you put into something, the more results you get. We’ll help you optimize every moment you spend and guide you on how to be more productive in your entire life because we know that you’re a busy go-getter -  you have passions to follow, hobbies to do, and loved ones to spend time with, and deserve a break more often than not too!


Will you be my talent agent and representative instead of being my coach?

I’m not here to scout you or make you “famous.” I am here to be your Thought Leadership Strategist & Business Coach to facilitate your learning process and help you build a purposeful and profitable business on your own, so you increase your chances of reaching purposeful fame with the highest level of integrity.

Technology makes it easy for anyone these days to make their big big break WITHOUT a talent scout, and that’s a good thing. If you have the right guidance and DIY strategies though, you can have the same advantages of those who have Hollywood behind them.


Why do you have a strict No Refunds policy? 


Now, this is not about empty fame or “sit-here-and-do-nothing” success.

The Purposely Famous Kickstarter provides all the tools you need to do this but your success does depend on your own willingness to put in the work. In other words, the system works for those who show up and actually do the work. We’re not responsible for your results (or lack of) if you don’t take action. (That’s why we don’t do refunds.)

My team and I happily put in endless hours to create a high quality course for an incredibly low fee so it’s affordable for anyone who is serious about upgrading their skills and knowledge to tangibly build a profitable business that lasts.

We’ve found that as history repeats itself, we’ve both been burned when we allow our clients with a big vision an “out” to get a refund and stop using the course.

We have numerous testimonials of the course helping clients get extraordinary results so our biggest obligation is to keep you accountable. As I do need to cover the expenses of running this course , I ask for a full commitment and offer NO REFUNDS. 

The information and tools that I offer in this course are incredibly valuable so you will learn a LOT and make a lot of progress in a short amount of time, but only IF you do the work. Next to the bonus monthly coaching call - this is a DIY course so your level of satisfaction will depend on how serious you take this and dedicate time to do the course work in the online platform.     

If you don’t like our no refunds policy, if you are hesitant about joining the course, or you’re on the fence to commit, then please don’t join!

You can stay in our free Facebook group the Purposely Famous Network. I share a lot of valuable information there for free.

But if you are serious and READY to level up, take action, have the accountability and support you need in order to get results and fulfillment faster… Joining the Purposely Famous Kickstarter can be the ultimate catalyst to help you achieve your next breakthrough!

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