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Our Core Values

  1. Purpose (duh!)

  2. Authenticity

  3. Vulnerability

  4. Depth and Connection

  5. Conviction and Commitment

  6. Love your haters

  7. Prosperity: Wealthy from the inside out

  8. Partnership and Collaboration: No one gets to the top alone

  9. Different is the new normal (Diversity and Inclusion)

  10. Meditation & Margaritas: You don't have to like Margaritas as much as I do, but it's about learning to love your opposing interests, personalities, and interests instead of rejecting them

  11. Start with a beginner's mind: Continual growth and education without ego

  12. We're our own kinda weird...And we love it!

  13. Start small, Think Big, Make it Last


Revenue Streams

1. Coaching & Trainings

2. Purposeful 

Products, Services, and Incentives

3. Live your Purpose,

Learn a new language

Purposely Famous (PF)

$97 Ebook, Lifestyle Assessment, Free Strategy call​​​

$2,000 upgrade to online course with lifetime access

-$1,000 commission  paid for referrals

-1x a year 8-week group mastermind with coaching calls

$197-$20,000 monthly subscription year round

  • Support​ local businesses

    • They sponsor or give discounts​ to our clients as rewards or to the general public

    • We promote them

    • Clients and businesses share their Purposely Famous Story

    • Example: Client of the month gets a free cake from Antoinette Bakery, we feature both on our social media and share their Purposely Famous story, include them in our books, etc.

  • Learning a language is usually boring, but not when you discover your purpose at the same time!

  • 572 million people speak Spanish... there are very few motivational coaches and leaders

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul just sold their rights in China for $60 million dollars to learn English from the stories in their book... we can do the same with Purposely Famous stories!


*Implement Facebook Chatbot automated sales funnel 

*Implement Linkedin automated sales funnel

*Implement Facebook ads automated sales funnel

*Hire Sales Team Leader & Team

-Commission based only

*Invite experienced Industry leaders and experts to coach clients or be part of in-house team:

-Messaging and Branding

-Build following with Super Fans

-How to create your website

-Write an email series

-Create Sales Funnel

-Get high-ticket sales

-Build following on social media

-Podcast interview tour

-National Radio interview tour

-Local and National TV interview tour

-Get published in mainstream media

-Get booked at speaking engagements

-Mental health therapy and healing sessions

  • Focus on Tulsa first

  • License PF Brand and provide templates in an online course with coaching so others can create the same in their city later

  • Send products to influencers in other cities

  • Example: Influencer X has 100,000 Instagram followers, we send them a free Purposely Famous Tshirt made locally in Tulsa if they post about us and why they're Purposely Famous

  • Translate all PF content into Spanish

    • Instagram page and posts in English and Spanish​

    • PF course course

    • PF books

  • Karin study more Spanish so I can make fun promotional videos in Spanglish :)​

  • Share in Mexico City market at lower prices than the USA, get feedback, scale

  • In the future, expand to other languages: Korean, Portuguese, etc.

Example of bilingual book, English on one side, this has French on the other so it's easy to learn from:

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 4.14.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 11.14.15

Example of Purposely Famous Instagram page, a place to share people's stories, showcase our purposeful products, and share inspiring business and lifestyle content

*Live events: Workshops, Personal and business development, concerts, panels, etc.

-Example: TED talks meets SXSW meets Coachella

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 4.11.56 PM.png

Example: Jason, my client, made this design and we put in a sweatshirt to sell. We can use a local business in Tulsa to print and sell around the world or gift to influencers if they share their story and post about being Purposely Famous

Example: This is the Purposely Famous Academy online course. There are 8 Milestones, recordings of coaching calls, Guest interviews with industry leaders, etc.

Adopt a Bright Future

(For Adoptee Community and Friends)

  • This falls under Purposely Powerful which helps people become more confident

  • Our mission is to help anyone overcome abandonment issues and love themselves fully or lean on our community to love you in the meantime

  • 100 million families are connected to adoption globally

  • Our content is positive and uplifting, whereas most support for adoptees is victim-based and dwells on our problems

  • Adoptees get a lot of freebies as we were taken from our birth families, but this is an opportunity for Adoptees to give back to the world and invite anyone to join us and feel loved

  • 500+ Celebrities have adopting in their families and usually gotten negative press about it, we can help them look better to the media and public

  • We'll come together and reinforce positive mindsets in each other but also talk about tough adoption stories and issues

Example: The IKAA Gathering is the largest in-person adoptee event worldwide. They get 500 people x $275-340 per person for the 4 day event every other year. I want to charge $500-$2,000 per person for an in-person event + 8-weeks of online coaching with an online course annually: 

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 8.12.21 PM.png

I'd love to mobilize the adoptee community in Tulsa and bring more adoptees to live in Tulsa too! Ideally as many adoptees and their friends should be working on this with me, starting with the ones in Tulsa

  • Interview potential clients to collect data for marketing, the sales funnel, online course, and live events

  • Create sales funnel

    • Free gift​

    • Email series

    • Online course

  • Launch course with mastermind​

    • Build it out as we go and adjust and update along the way​

  • Pricing and offer

    • First 10 Founding members - always free

    • $2,000 USD annual membership fee + 2 free tickets to live event + PF course plus 8-weeks coaching

    • $997 for 8-weeks coaching + online course + 1 free ticket to live event

    • $197-$20,000 per month to join Purposely Famous monthly subscription

    • Give scholarships: I think there will be many powerful people who will pay for our fees so an adoptee without money can participate

Purposely Peaceful

  • ​We're busy, life is chaotic, and we rarely sit with with our eyes closed. So let me share with you a practical meditation method based off my year in silence that helps you become more powerful when you're not meditating

  • Interview potential clients

  • Create sales funnel

    • Free gift​

    • Email series

    • Online course

  • Launch course with mastermind​

    • Meditation & Margaritas branding for mature audiences that like to socialize​

    • Build it out as we go and adjust and update along the way​

  • Pricing and offer

    • First 10 Founding members - always free

    • $2,000 USD annual membership fee + 2 free tickets to live event + PF course plus 8-weeks coaching

    • $997 for 8-weeks coaching + online course + 1 free ticket to live event

    • $197-$20,000 per month to join Purposely Famous monthly subscription

Matt has 50 millions views and arranges in-person dancing  with people around the world, also featured in a commercial for Visa and Apple paid him to do a project with them (the part where he's flying in space). Now he travels the world dancing with the locals:

I'd love to follow Matt's business model and promote my meditation videos to do the following:

- build a big social media following

- then give people an online course to learn my meditation technique 

- Meet in person to do a meditation "flash mob" in different cities and public places

- We can upgrade all to the Adopt a Bright Future or Purposely Famous course if they want it

- If we're making enough money from the other revenue streams, we'll grow a social media following faster if this is all free and get more sponsorships faster

The BIG BIG dreams​

  • For social media:

    • Think Humans of New York meets Kylie Jenner’s billionaire online store… We’ll share Purposely Famous stories of people in our community, and even though we’re not selling makeup like Kylie Jenner, it shows what’s possible when people really like a brand

  • Documentary:

    • After building a big social media following, I’d love to get Netflix to sponsor a Purposely Famous documentary where we travel around the world talking to ordinary people to celebrities who share their life story and philosophies. Think The Secret meets The Human Experience

  • Major motion picture:

    • The BIGGEST dream… finish my memoir to create a movie based on my life as an adoptee, partying and working with celebrities, doing the meditation in silence, to coming full circle to believe in myself. Think Eat, Pray, Love with a little The Devil Wears Prada in Latin America with a lot of gay men running the show (as it was like that!)

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